Mandatory Update to v0.5.6 - All Wallets Must Update to v0.5.6 or Greater Immediately
Truth and Privacy for All

CPU Mineable

Verus uses VerusHash 2.0, a new cryptographic hash algorithm allowing mining with x64 CPUs while equalizing GPUs and offering a credible ASIC solution.

Proof of Power

With provable 51% hash attack immunity, Verus' 50% proof of work/50% proof of stake consensus algorithm provides unprecedented blockchain security.


Verus leverages zk-SNARK zero-knowledge proofs in a modified Zcash Sapling fork for optional private addresses that are completely opaque to the outside world.


Read about the tech and vision for Verus in the Vision Paper and Phase I White Paper. Verus will introduce Public Blockchains as a Service (PBaaS).

Start Mining VRSC Now!

Anyone with a capable computer can mine Verus Coin (VRSC)!
  • No specialized hardware is required!
  • Mine with either CPU or GPU power.
  • Mine directly from the Verus Wallet or use the CLI Miner.
However you mine VRSC, you'll need a Verus Coin address, which you can create using the wallet in either Lite or Native mode. If you need any help, join our official Discord and reach out to the community support channel. Happy mining!


System requirements: 64bit CPU/OS, CPU with AES-NI and AVX instructions. Windows or Linux (Ubuntu tested). 4GB Memory.

Mining Calculator


CLI Miner


CLI Miner


CLI Miner


Choose from a growing list of community pools! Direct any questions to the appropriate pool operator in the pools channel on the Verus Discord.

Get Verus

There are several ways you can get some Verus Coin (VRSC). You can buy it on an exchange, mine it, and even earn more by helping secure the network through Staking the VRSC you have from your native wallet. But our favorite way to earn Verus Coin is by helping out the Verus Community!

From an Exchange

Verus is available on the following exchanges, with more coming soon!

Mine Verus

Start mining Verus using a computer! No specialized hardware required, just a capable CPU or GPU. You can mine solo or join a pool.

Get the Quick Start Guide Here


Verus is a 100% community project. And helping out the Verus community is one of the most rewarding ways to earn Verus!

Join us on Discord to learn more!


Michael J Toutonghi
Lead Developer

Former Vice President and Technical Fellow at Microsoft, recognized founder and architect of Microsoft's .Net platform, ex-Technical Fellow of Microsoft's advertising platform, ex-CTO, Parallels Corporation, experienced distributed computing and machine learning architect.

Michael F Toutonghi

With a focus on design and GUI programming, Michael is responsible for the Verus Logo, significant white paper content, and mining and usability improvements in the Verus enhanced Agama. Michael is a University Student of CS with a passion for competitive swimming.

Alex R English

Alex's background is varied, including software development, system administration, embedded development, and technical editing. He became a cryptocurrency user in 2012 and has followed the technology since. He has grown to love shell scripts while managing Verus infrastructure.

David Dawes

Decades of experience delivering successful products including real time financial engines moving billions of dollars in international remittances. Dave taught Mike assembly language over 30 years ago and has ensured that Verus enhanced Agama can be used on all platforms.

Asher Dawes

Automation wizard extraordinaire, Asher keeps the Verus builds and backend test systems on track - Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android soon - Asher works tirelessly to automate builds and testing using github, gitlab, TravisCI, scripting and more as needed.


jl777 is the lead developer of Komodo, Supernet, Marketmaker behind Barterdex, and a lot more. He's one of, if not the most productive devs in crypto. He's also one of our trusted advisers, and has added an invaluable technical and crypto-veteran perspective to our decision making.


That's right, YOU! Verus is a free and open source project. We hope to foster a healthy community of contributors. Check out our GitHub and visit the Verus Discord channel to chat and find ways to get involved! We also have a community on QQ. You can also donate Verus to the project in VRSC or KMD at RVjvbZuqSGLGDm1B9BFkbHWySPKEx4tfjQ or with ETH at 0x06E2F78E650C88c6D89440E778004037FEAbefC5.

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