Truth and Privacy for All.

Verus empowers individuals around the world. Start building the future now.

Self-sovereign identities

Self-sovereign friendly identities on the Verus blockchain. Fully recoverable and revokable. Get your own VerusID today.

Privacy for everyone

Make use of your fundamental human rights. Confidential, verifiable voting and polling. Combined with VerusID everyone can have strong privacy.

Scalable for the world

Read about how we put the all in Truth and Privacy for All, with a blockchain network of practically unlimited scale.

Desktop & mobile wallets

Get the latest desktop or mobile wallet for VRSC and many other coins.

Earn with staking & mining

Earn VRSC by staking in your wallet, or either mine solo or in a pool, while supporting the Verus ecosystem.

Build on Verus

Read about the first protocol with automated, decentralized, independent blockchain launches, merge mining/staking, easy cross-chain sends, and algorithmic reserve currencies.

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Published papers

Verus Vision Paper

Privacy, Community & Power


Verus Proof of Power

A Provable Hybrid Solution to 51% Hash Attacks


Verus Phase I

zk-SNARK Privacy and a Holistic Approach to ASICs


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